"David Quantick is smart, funny and unique" - NEIL GAIMAN

"David Quantick is smart, funny and unique" - NEIL GAIMAN"David Quantick is smart, funny and unique" - NEIL GAIMAN

Free Short Story For September: MAPPA MUNDI

Playground twist.



Free Short Story For August - Thin Suit

Dressed for success.



Free Short Story For July - Gee

What are words worth?

Free Bonus Short Story - spizzin (continued)

still spizzin

Free Short Story For June - Bed Time

 “Every kid is scared of the monster under their bed.” 

BED TIME (pdf)


Free Short Story For May - We Need To Talk

A time to talk, and a time to listen.

Free Short Story For April - The Container....

A house is not a home.



Free Short Story For March - Stars Are Stars

Every star has its season.

Free Very Short Story - Other People

Sartre was wrong. 

Free Short Story For February - Tunbridge Wells

Never get off the train.

Free Short Story For January - Persephone And Dave

A story of Greek gods, office parties, timeless romance and binge drinking.

Free Story For Christmas - Monty Was My Double

When life is too much for one man, the solution is simple - bring in Field Marshal Montgomery to act as his double!

Free December Short Story - Sleepyman

There was something in his eye. 

Free November Short Story - Rapid Automatic Bristle Motion

Don't forget your toothbrush...

Free October Short Story - Monkey of Monkey Hall

The Wind In The Willows meets an ancient Chinese legend.

Free September Story - The Time Assassin James Blakelock

One hero travels through time, changing history one terrible mistake at a time.

Bonus Free Story For August - spizzin

just spizzin

Free Short Story for August - A Different Car

When you start replacing the things that are wrong in your life, where do you stop?

Free Short Story for July - Splendid Automata

In a world of animal-based technology, the machines are fighting back.

Free Short Story for June - Zellaby-In-The-Moor

Life never changes in a quiet Dartmoor village, until the body of a girl appears from nowhere.